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Catalogue of Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) Publications -
Geotechnical Manual for Slopes -
Highway Slope Manual -
Geoguides -
Geospec -
GCO/GEO Publications -
GEO Reports -
Slope Safety Technical Review Board -
Geotechnical Area Studies Programme -
Hong Kong Geological Survey Memoirs, Sheet Reports and Maps -
GEO Technical Guidance Notes -
Regolith Guide for Tsing Shan Foothills - Maunsell Fugro Joint Venture (2002) under Agreement No. CE 47/2000. -
Hong Kong Geology Guide Book -
Mid-levels Study : Report on Geology, Hydrology and Soil Properties -
Report on the 22 May 2013 Distress at a Reinforced Fill Wall at a Construction Site above Shun On Road, Sau Mau Ping -
Report on the 22 May 2013 Landslide on a Fill Slope at a Construction Site above Lee On Road, Sau Mau Ping -
Report on the Fei Tsui Road Landslide of
13 August 1995
Report on the Shum Wan Road Landslide of
13 August 1995
Guide to Trench Excavations (Shoring Support and Drainage Measures) February 2003, 42 p. -
Guidelines on Test Procedure & Sample Test Results using Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) to Determine the Length of Installed Soil Nails -
Procedures for Implementation of Revised Quality Assurance Framework for Application of Time Domain Reflectometry Tests at LPMit Sites -
Natural Terrain Landslide Hazards in Hong Kong -
Layman's Guide to Slope Maintenance Free
Layman's Guide to Landscape Treatment of Slopes Free
A Simple Guide to Comply with "Dangerous Hillside Order" Free
Greener Slopes Better Cityscape - Successful Examples of Landscape Treatment for Slopes under the Landslip Preventive Measures Programme/Landslip Prevention and Mitigation Programme -
Landslip Preventive Measures Programme in South Lantau Road, Lantau - a Success Example to Landscape Environment. Free
Design of Soil Nails for Upgrading Loose Fill Slopes -
Design Illustrations on the Use of Soil Nails to Upgrade Loose Fill Slopes -
Bibliography on the Geology and Geotechnical Engineering of Hong Kong (Interactive online) -
Catalogue of Hong Kong Tunnels -
GEO Leaflets and Brochures -
70th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet of the Mines Division -

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