Report No. : SSTRB Report No. 28

Report Title : Slope Safety Technical Review Board Report (2018), 41 p.

Author : Slope Safety Technical Review Board


A Slope Safety Technical Review Board has been appointed by the Director of Civil Engineering and Development to advise the Government on technical aspects of the slope safety system. The Board benchmarks the work of the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) against international practice and assists the GEO in enhancing technical quality improvement. The Board meets annually, in late November/early December. At the last meeting, Board members discussed a wide range of subjects, including the Landslip Prevention and Mitigation Programme, natural terrain risk management, public education on landslide risk, emergency preparedness for extreme landslide scenarios and innovation and technology for slope safety management. In addition, they shared views on the long-term strategy for cavern and underground space development. This Report details the activities and the Board's recommendations made in the last meeting.

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