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Report Title : Report on the Fei Tsui Road Landslide of 13 August 1995, 2 Volumes, 156 p. (Billingual)

Author : Geotechnical Engineering Office and Sir John Knill, Berkshire, the United Kingdom


Intense rainfall occurred in Hong Kong on 12 and 13 August 1995 in the wake of Typhoon Helen; there were reports of over 120 landslides. One of these landslides, at Fei Tsui Road in Chai Wan, caused the burial of the road in slide debris. There was one fatality and one person was injured.

The Geotechnical Engineering Office of the Civil Engineering Department commenced an investigation of the landslide on the morning of 13 August 1995. The results of this investigation are reported in Volume II of this report. It was decided to have an independent technical review of the GEO investigation by Sir John Knill, reporting to the Government of Hong Kong. The independent findings of Sir John Knill on the landslide and the lessons to be learnt from in are reported in Volume I of this report.

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