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Report Title : Layman's Guide to Slope Maintenance, 3rd Edition (2003), 35 p. (Reprinted, 2013)

Author : Geotechnical Engineering Office


In the climatic conditions we experience in Hong Kong a man-made slope or retaining wall that is not maintained will deteriorate. In time it may become unstable and collapse, causing injury to persons, damage to property and disruption to normal life. If this happens, suffering and hardship may result and great expense may be incurred in reinstating the ground and making it safe.

All man-made slopes and retaining walls need maintenance work, even those designed and constructed to acceptable standards.

This document tells the general public how to maintain man-made slopes and retaining walls. It will be particularly useful to property owners, owners' associations and property managers.

The first edition of this document was published in 1995. Experience gained in the use of this document over the last few years has shown the need for the revision of the Model Brief for Engineer Inspections for Maintenance given in Appendix B of this document. The opportunity is taken to include this revision and other minor corrections in this third edition.

For more detailed guidance the reader may refer to the Guide to Slope Maintenance (Geoguide 5) published by the Geotechnical Engineering Office.

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