Formation, Roads and Drains in Area 54, Tuen Mun - Phase 1 Stage 2 and Phase 2 Stage 4B Works

Project Number:

7666CL & 7844CL
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Brief Description of Project Scope:

The projects mainly comprise:-

(a) formation of about 3 hectares of land at Site 5, Site 4A (South) and Site 4A (East);

(b) construction of Road L54B and Road L54B Extension;

(c) local improvement works to existing Lam Tei Interchange;

(d) construction of vertical noise barriers;

(e) construction of footpaths, slopes, retaining walls, drainage works, waterworks, landscaping works and other ancillary works; and

(f) implementation of environmental mitigation measures and Environmental Monitoring and Audit programme

Project Office in Civil Engineering and Development Department:

Land Works Division, Civil Engineering Office

Approved Project Estimate:

$312.5 million

Current Progress:

Construction commenced on 8 December 2020.


Contract No. CV/2019/04
Scope Same as project scope
Completion Date End 2025
Contract Sum $213 million


Paul Y. - Tsun Yip Joint Venture (CV201904)

Other Related Information:

Scheme / Amendments of Scheme / Authorization of Scheme
Gazette Date Subject

21 JUN 2019 &
28 JUN 2019

Authorization of Scheme

1 FEB 2019 &
8 FEB 2019


18 AUG 2017 &
25 AUG 2017

Authorization of Scheme

5 MAY 2017 &
12 MAY 2017

Amendment of Scheme

12 AUG 2016 &
19 AUG 2016