Sheet Report No. : 6

Report Title : Geology of Tung Chung and Northshore Lantau Island (2002), 17 figures, 3 tables, 8 plates and one Appendix, 90p.

Author : R.J. Sewell & P.A. Kirk


This report describes the geology of northern central Lantau Island, with special reference to complex ground conditions at Tung Chung New Town, and offshore areas along the North Lantau coast between Chek Lap Kok and Yam O. The report includes an appendix comprising a lexicon of terms used for drillcore logging and surface mapping at Tung Chung, and should be read in conjunction with the 1:5 000-scale Geological Maps 9-SE-A and 9-SE-B, and parts of three 1:5 000-scale geological map sheets previously described within the scope of Sheet Report No. 4. The geology of the area comprises sedimentary, volcanic and intrusive rocks of Mesozoic age.

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