Report No. : GEO Report No. 114

Report Title : Investigation of Some Selected Landslides in 1998 (Volume 7) (2001), 196 p.

Author : Fugro Scott Wilson Joint Venture


This GEO Report consists of two Landslide Study Reports on the investigation of selected slope failures that occurred in 1998. The investigations were carried out by Fugro Scott Wilson Joint Venture (FSW) for the Geotechnical Engineering Office as part of the 1998 Landslide Investigation Consultancy.

Section 1 of the report presents the findings of a detailed study of a series of landslides that occurred between 4 May 1998 and 9 June 1998 at two newly-formed fill slopes below Ramp G of the Ting Kau Bridge and Approach Viaduct Contract along Tuen Mun Road, Ting Kau. Debris from the landslides remained largely on the slopes. Cracking observed in the hard shoulder of Ramp G following the landslides resulted in the closure of one lane of the carriageway. No casualties were reported following the landslides.

Section 2 of the report presents the findings of a detailed study of the landslide (GEO Incident No. K 98/6/1) that occurred within fill slope No. 11NE-A/F116 at Fung Shing Street, Ngau Chi Wan, Kwun Tong on 9 June 1998. An approximately 15 m length of this fill slope adjacent to Fung Shing Street failed resulting in the release of about 250 m3 of debris. The debris inundated a wooden watchmen's hut at the toe of the slope before continuing onto Fung Shing Street and partially blocking the northbound lane of the road. The subsequent alluvial outwash from the landslide debris travelled a further 250 m or so down Fung Shing Street towards its junction with Clear Water Bay Road. No fatalities or injuries were reported following the landslide.

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