Report No. : GEO Report No. 111

Report Title : Investigation of Some Selected Landslides in 1998 (Volume 4) (2001), 159 p.

Author : Fugro Scott Wilson Joint Venture


This GEO Report consists of two Landslide Study Reports on the investigation of selected slope failures that occurred in 1998. The investigations were carried out by Fugro Scott Wilson Joint Venture (FSW) for the Geotechnical Engineering Office as part of the 1998 Landslide Investigation Consultancy.

Section 1 of the report presents the findings of a detailed study of the landslide (GEO Incident No. HK 98/5/2) that occurred on the northeast-facing slopes bounding the Hong Kong Stadium on 24 May 1998. Debris from the landslide was deposited primarily onto the stadium perimeter access road below although some debris was also noted on the adjacent Level 3 podium of the stadium. No fatalities or injuries were reported following the landslide.

Section 2 of the report presents the findings of a detailed study of a series of landslides that occurred between 9 June 1998 and 24 June 1998 on a temporary cut slope in a Landslip Preventive Measures (LPM) construction site at the junction of Sai Sha Road and Tai Mong Tsai Road, Sai Kung. Debris from the landslides was contained largely within the construction site boundary. No one was injured in the landslides.

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