Report No. : GEO Report No. 31

Report Title : Study of Old Masonry Retaining Walls in Hong Kong (1996), 225 p.

Author : Y.C. Chan


This report records a comprehensive study on masonry retaining walls in Hong Kong. It includes a review of the construction practice and structure of masonry retaining walls, analyses of case histories of wall failures, an examination of the structural behaviour of masonry walls and suggestions on the approach to investigate stability of masonry retaining walls and the follow up research. Of these, the findings on wall structure have been useful to the planning and interpretation of ground investigation. The concept of structural instability has the greatest impact on the stability assessment of the masonry retaining walls in Hong Kong. The suggestions for research were imaginative but some are no longer appropriate given the technological advancement in the past 15 years. The procedures described in the report have been influencing stability investigation of masonry retaining walls to this date.

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