Kai Tak Development - infrastructure at north apron area of Kai Tak Airport

Project Number:


Brief Description of Project Scope:

  1. construction of roads, vehicular bridges, footbridges, subways, associated infrastructure and landscaping works at the north apron area of former airport; and
  2. necessary environmental mitigation measures, and environmental monitoring and audit programme.

Project Office in Civil Engineering and Development Department:

East Development Office (Enquiry: 2301 1393)


AECOM Asia Company Limited Ove Arup & Partners Ho

Related Website:

Details of Stages 1 and 2 infrastructure works can be found at http://www.cedd.gov.hk/eng/our-projects/major-projects/index-id-3.html and http://www.cedd.gov.hk/eng/our-projects/major-projects/index-id-5.html

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Details of Stages 5B infrastructure works can be found at http://www.cedd.gov.hk/eng/our-projects/major-projects/index-id-94.html

Current Progress:

The remaining infrastructure works are under planning and design in stages.