Kai Tak development – stage 5B infrastructure works at the former north apron area

Project Number:

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Brief Description of Project Scope:

The scope of works comprises the following major items:

  1. construction of a section of dual two-lane Road D1 of about 540 metres (m) long connecting Olympic Avenue;
  2. construction of single two-lane Road L9 and Road L16 of about 400 m long in total connecting the proposed Road D1;
  3. construction of a single-lane slip road S14 of about 210 m long linking the proposed Road D1 with the eastbound of Prince Edward Road East through the existing flyover K73;
  4. construction of a pedestrian subway SB-01 of about 120 m long across Prince Edward Road East connecting Kowloon City and the future Underground Shopping Street in Kai Tak Development;
  5. construction of an elevated walkway LW-02 of about 150 m long across Kai Tak River, connecting the existing elevated walkway adjoining the Trade and Industry Tower and a Comprehensive Development Area site located at the west of Kai Tak River;
  6. renovation of the existing pedestrian subways KS9, KS10 and KS32, as well as modification of the southern end of the existing pedestrian subway KS10;
  7. construction of associated footpaths, street lighting, traffic aids, drainage, sewerage, water mains, landscaping, electrical and mechanical works, and ancillary works; and
  8. implementation of environmental mitigation measures and related environmental monitoring and audit programme for the works.

Project Office in Civil Engineering and Development Department:

East Development Office (Enquiry: 3842 7107)


AECOM Asia Company Limited

Approved Project Estimate:

$1720 million

Current Progress:

The works commenced on 31 July 2020 and are on schedule.


Contract No. ED/2018/05

Scope: Same as project scope above
Commencement Date: 31 July 2020
Completion Date: 2025
Contract Sum: $929 million
Contractor: Build King – STEC Joint Venture

Other Related Information:

Gazettal Documents

Scheme / Amendments of Scheme / Authorization of Scheme

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Stage 5 Infrastructure Works

Stage 5B and Remaining Infrastructure Works

1 February 2019 & 8 February 2019

Authorization of Scheme

Authorization of Scheme

2 November 2018 & 9 November 2018

Amendment of Scheme


29 August 2014 & 5 September 2014

Authorization of Scheme

17 April 2014 & 25 April 2014