Report No. : GEO Report No. 338

Report Title : Report on the Seismic Microzonation Assessment of the North-west New Territories, 583p

Author : Arup


This report presents an area-specific seismic microzonation assessment of a Study Area in the North-west New Territories of Hong Kong by Arup, in collaboration with the GEO and the Guangdong Engineering Earthquake Resistance Research Institute (GEERRI) of the Earthquake Administration of Guangdong Province (EAGP).

As part of the study, some site-specific ground investigation (GI) works including vertical boreholes, geophysics field tests, microtremor tests, and laboratory cyclic and static triaxial tests were carried out. The results of the GI works have been used to evaluate the site response to earthquake ground motions and develop site classification for the Study Area. Microzonation maps have been produced with consideration given to liquefaction potential and topographic amplification effects. The results and the maps serve to provide a general picture of the seismic behaviour of the Study Area. Although they are not sufficiently precise for project-specific engineering design, practitioners can make reference with these materials for preliminary planning and other preliminary studies as appropriate.

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