Report No. : GEO Report No. 324

Report Title : Technical Feasibility of Using Glass Cullet as an Engineering Fill in Reclamation and Earthworks (2016), 82 p.

Author : S.T.C. So, T.H.H. Hui & R.M.K. Lee


To save landfill space and promote the effective use of waste glass, CEDD has been commissioned by DEVB to undertake a study to examine the feasibility of using glass cullet as an engineering fill in reclamation and earthworks. This study comprised carrying out a review of overseas experience of using glass cullet as fill materials, conducting laboratory tests to determine the physical and engineering properties of glass cullet produced by local suppliers, and undertaking a review of the grading and testing requirements of glass cullet as a fill material in Hong Kong. Based on the results of the study, glass cullet would have quantifiable engineering properties similar to those of granular soils. With proper engineering control, the use of glass cullet as a fill material in both reclamation and earthworks should be acceptable. Recommendations on grading, sampling and testing requirements on the use of glass cullet for reclamation and earthworks are given

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