Report No. : GEO Report No. 302

Report Title : Review Study of The 7 June 2008 Landslide on Slope No. 11NE-A/C351 and The Natural Hillside above Shatin Pass Road, Tsz Wan Shan (2014), 115 p.

Author : AECOM Asia Company Limited


This report presents the findings of a review study of a landslide incident (Incident No. 2008/06/0170) that occurred on slope No. 11NE-A/C351 and the uphill natural terrain, above Shatin Pass Road in Tsz Wan Shan. The landslide occurred sometime before noon on 7 June 2008, during which the Landslip Warning and Black Rainstorm Warning were in force. The landslide involved an open hillslope failure with a total displaced volume of about 3,500 m³. Majority of the landslide debris was deposited on Shatin Pass Road and the hillside below. About 850 m³ of the debris entered an ephemeral drainage line and developed into a channelised debris flow. The debris was not particularly mobile, and subsequently entered a relatively open and gently inclined primary drainage line with an overall runout distance of about 280 m. However subsequent outwash actions resulted in inundation and flooding of Tsz Ching Estate some 550 m downstream in three occasions after the landslide. The incident did not cause any casualties. The key objectives of the study were to document the facts about the landslide, present relevant background information and establish the probable causes and process of the landslide. The scope of the study comprised desk study, site reconnaissance, ground investigation and engineering geological mapping. Recommendations for follow-up actions are presented separately.

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