Report No. : GEO Report No. 293

Report Title : Detailed Study of The 15 September 2006 Distress above Slope No. 6NE-B/C44 at 33A2 Shek Tong Tsuen, Ta Shek Wu, Pat Heung (2014), 61 p.

Author : AECOM Asia Company Limited


This report presents the findings of a detailed study of the signs of distress above (Incident No. 2006/09/0738) the crest of slope No. 6NE-B/C44 at 33A2 Shek Tong Tsuen, Ta Shek Wu,Pat Heung. The incident was reported in the morning of 15 September 2006 following the heavy rainfall on 13 September 2006. The incident involved two distressed areas of about 9 m to 10 m in width which exhibited slope movements. No casualties were reported as a result of theincident. The key objectives of the study were to document the facts about the incident, present relevant background information and establish the probable causes of the distress. The scope of the study comprised site reconnaissance, desk study, ground investigation and rainfall analysis. Recommendations for follow-up actions are reported separately.

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