Report No. : GEO Report No. 262

Report Title : Review of Real-time Data Transmission Systems for Slope Instrumentation (2011), 49 p.

Author : C.S.C. Tang & S.P.Y. Cheung


Different real-time instrumentation systems have been adopted in seven GEO projects in the past few years. A review of these real-time data transmission has been conducted to consolidate GEO's experience on the application of the different systems and to examine the technologies that are available in Hong Kong and adopted in real-time data transmission systems.

In this report, the technical details of the seven GEO projects are presented and their performance discussed. In general, the overall performance of the systems is satisfactory in that they were able to capture the real-time data during severe rainstorms. However, the review has also identified some data losses due to factors such as bad weather, internal program bugs and delays in taking remedial maintenance action. Based on the observations and findings, some potential areas of improvement in the future use of the real-time data transmission systems and development work by GEO are suggested for consideration.

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