Report No. : GEO Report No. 256

Report Title : Study on the Landscape Treatment for Debris-resisting Barriers (2010), 65 p.

Author : AECOM Asia Company Limited


This report provides design principles and guidelines on good practice for landscape treatments for debris-resisting barriers to ensure that the debris-resisting barriers to be constructed in Hong Kong are of high standard of landscape design and visual interest in responsive to adjacent site context.

The design principles and guidelines are intended to assist geotechnical engineers and other design professionals, e.g. landscape architects, in designing and implementing landscape treatments for debris-resisting barriers.

This report identifies the types of debris-resisting barriers for mitigation of natural terrain landslide hazards in Hong Kong and reviews the local and international practices on landscape treatments for debris-resisting barriers. This report outlines the landscape design objectives for debris-resisting barriers and explores the possible landscape treatments for various types of debris-resisting barriers. The merits and limitations on the application of various landscape treatments for debris-resisting barriers are assessed in terms of practicability, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. This report also presents a series of landscape design principles and guidelines for debris-resisting barriers. Worked examples are included to demonstrate how site specific engineering and landscape issues are dealt with during the design process.

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