Report No. : GEO Report No. 217

Report Title : Detailed Study of the 20 August 2005 Landslide on Slopes Nos. 11SE-A/C285, 11SE-C/DT1 and 11SE-C/DT6 above Tai Hang Drive, Happy Valley (2007), 106 p.

Author : S.M. Tam


This report presents the findings of a detailed study of a major landslide (Incident No. 2005/08/0364), which occurred at the central portion of slope No. 11SE-A/C285 and at the toe of disturbed terrain (DT) features Nos. 11SE-C/DT1 and 11SE-C/DT6 above, opposite Ronsdale Garden, in Tai Hang Drive on 20 August 2005. The landslide involved the displacement of ground mass of about 2,100 m3 in volume. Localised detachment of about 40 m3 of soil occurred at the lower portion of the displaced ground mass and the debris was deposited on the pavement of Tai Hang Drive. Consequently, both lanes of the road were closed temporarily. No casualties were reported as a result of the landslide.

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