Report No. : GEO Report No. 192

Report Title : Detailed Study of the 6 June 2003 Rockfall Incident on Slope No. 11NE-C/C71 at Kung Lok Road Kwun Tong (2006), 68 p.

Author : T.H.H. Hui


This report presents the findings of a detailed study of a rockfall incident (GEO incident No. 2003/06/0099) on slope No. 11NE C/C71, located at Kung Lok Road, Kwun Tong. The incident involved the detachment of a rock block, with a failure volume of about 1 m3, from the western end of the slope. The rock block broke up into several pieces and came to rest on the pedestrian pavement at the slope toe. No casualties were reported. The pedestrian pavement was temporarily closed as a result of the incident.

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