Report No. : GEO Report No. 183

Report Title : Performance Assessment of Greening Techniques on Slopes (2006), 201 p.

Author : B.L.S. Lui & Y.K. Shiu


A study has been carried out to assess the performance of various greening techniques applied on 100 slopes.

Growth condition of vegetation on the slopes and engineering performance of the greening techniques were assessed in the study.Factors considered in the vegetation growth assessment included sustainability, health condition, coverage and diversity of the vegetation on the slopes.In the engineering performance assessment, factors considered included structural integrity of the planting stratum and effectiveness of erosion control of the greening techniques.

Inspections of the slopes and survey of the vegetation growth were carried out between September 2002 and November 2003.In addition, a review of case histories of previous studies on different techniques was also conducted.

Results of the study show that the performance of the products used in different techniques varied.Among the same type of technique, some products performed better than others.Many of the techniques have been used only for a few years in Hong Kong, their ability to sustain vegetation growth in the long term cannot be fully established.

Recommendations on improvements to different areas on the application of the greening techniques are provided.

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