Report No. : GEO Report No. 162

Report Title : Methods Other Than Recompaction for Upgrading Loose Fill Slopes (2005), 43 p.

Author : S.K. Wai & C.K. Siu


In Hong Kong, loose fill slopes are conventionally upgraded by excavating and recompacting the top 3 m of fill to at least 95% relative degree of compaction. However, the conventional recompaction method has several practical limitations and the industry has asked for alternative methods for upgrading loose fill slopes when circumstances render conventional recompaction undesirable.

This report documents the review of the methods other than recompaction that had been used in improving the stability of loose fill slopes. This study identified 12 alternative methods that had been used in Hong Kong. The engineering principles, construction methods, practical limitations and effectiveness of the various methods are discussed in the report.

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