Report No. : GEO Report No. 18

Report Title : Backfilled Mud Anchor Trials Feasibility Study (1992), 55 p. (Reprinted,1995)

Author : C.K. Wong & C.B.B. Thorley


This report presents the final results of the feasibility study on restoring the anchorage capacity of completed marine borrow areas by backfilling with dredged marine mud. A preliminary study completed in March 1989 (Wong, 1989) concluded that backfilling could be feasible and recommended that further site investigation of the backfilled borrow pits at Urmston Road and field anchor trials should be carried out to confirm its findings. This initiated the BMAT (Backfilled Mud Anchor Trials) Study which is the subject of this report. The BMAT Study consisted essentially of two parts : anchor field trials in Urmston Road and Tsing Yi waters designed and conducted by Maunsell Consultants Asia Ltd. (MCAL) and their sub-consultants, and site investigation work in the backfilled pits at Urmston Road consisting of drillholes, field and laboratory tests carried out by the GCO.

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