Agreement / Contract No. Title
CE 55/2014(CE) Detailed Feasibility Study for Environmentally Friendly Linkage System for Kowloon East – Feasibility Study
CE 42/2009(TT) Kai Tak Environmentally Friendly Transport System – Feasibility Study
CE 13/2017 (CE) Site Formation and Infrastructural Works for Remaining Phases of Public Housing Developments at Wang Chau, Yuen Long - Feasibility Study
CE 10/2015 (CE) Preliminary Feasibility Study of Cable Car System from Ngong Ping to Tai O, and Spa and Resort Development at Cheung Sha and Soko Islands - Feasibility Study
CE 82/2014 (CE) Recreation and Tourism Development Strategy for Lantau - Feasibility Study
NTE/01/2016 Engineering Feasibility Study for the Establishment of an Agricultural Park - Feasibility study
CE 33/2011 (CE) Planning and Engineering Study on Future Land Use at Ex-Lamma Quarry Area at Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island - Feasibility Study
CE 41/2014 (HY) Boardwalk underneath Island Eastern Corridor - Investigation: Executive Summary of Stage 1 Community Engagement Report
HKI 2/4/54 RM(A) (1/15) Preliminary Archaeological Impact Assessment Report for Metal Object found in Wan Chai Development Phase II Site
CE 15/99 Environmental Impact Assessment Study for Demolition of Kwai Chung Incineration Plant and Kennedy Town Comprehensive Development Area
CE 85/2001(CE) Demolition and Decontamination Works at the Kwai Chung Incineration Plant and at the Proposed Kennedy Town Comprehensive Development Area Site - Design and Construction
CE 34/2008(CE) Preliminary Feasibility Study for Container Terminal 10 at Southwest Tsing Yi – Feasibility Study
CE 61/2007(CE) The North East New Territories New Development Areas Planning and Engineering Study
CE 42/2013(CE) Preliminary Feasibility Study on Developing the New Territories North
CE 12/2012(GE) Long-term Strategy for Cavern Development
CE 9/2011(CE) Enhancing Land Supply Strategy - Reclamation outside Victoria Harbour and Rock Cavern Development
CE 66/2009(GE) Enhanced Use of Underground Space in Hong Kong
FM 01/2007 Review of Options for Management of Contaminated Sediment in Hong Kong
CV/2012/05 Bathing Beach at Lung Mei, Tai Po