CE 13/2017 (CE) - Site Formation and Infrastructural Works for Remaining Phases of Public Housing Developments at Wang Chau, Yuen Long - Feasibility Study

The Study commenced in July 2017 and was completed in end 2019.

Principles for Redaction of Sensitive Information

In view of relevant study reports have covered findings on a wide range of issues, the Civil Engineering and Development Department has sought agreement with relevant government departments and consulting engineers of the Study to redact potential sensitive information in the reports, which may have a bearing on the issues below:

  1. Damage to the environment such as the locations of potential sites of archaeological interest;
  2. Management and operation of the public service such as ownership of private lands, proposed site investigation area, site inspection plan, affected private and government lands and land requirement plans, etc.
  3. Third party information such as locations of chimneys and fixed noise sources;
  4. Privacy of the individual such as names of individuals, companies, grave details and editors of the reports, etc;
  5. Business affairs such as nature of brownfield operations and respective areas of relevant parcels of lands; and
  6. Premature requests such as financial/cost information of proposed site formation and infrastructure works.
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