Site Formation and Infrastructure Works for Public Housing Development at Choi Shun Street, Sheung Shui

Project Number:

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Brief Description of Project Scope:

The scope of the project mainly comprises:-

  1. site formation works including land decontamination;
  2. construction of a single two-lane carriageway with footpaths connecting the proposed housing development site to Choi Shun Street and Choi Fat Street;
  3. construction of an about 100m long public walkway with shelter;
  4. modification and re-provisioning of emergency vehicular access for existing railway facilities; and
  5. associated ancillary works, including road/junction improvement, drainage, sewerage, water supply and landscaping works.

Project Office in Civil Engineering and Development Department:

Housing Projects 3 Division, Civil Engineering Office (Enquiry: 3468 8721)


Atkins China Limited

Approved Project Estimate:

$142.6 million

Current Progress:

Works commenced in August 2023.


Contract No. CV/2023/08

Scope: Same as project scope above
Commencement Date: 22 August 2023
Completion Date: 2026
Contract Sum: $108.07 million
Contractor: Adrian Construction Limited

Other Related Information:

Gazette Date Subject
20 January 2023
27 January 2023
Authorization of Schemes

14 October 2022
21 October 2022

Works Scheme