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Kai San Road Opening cum Community Planting (with photos)
(post date: 29/08/2017)
Guests travel on sightseeing double decker buses to officiate the opening of Kai San Road

The multi-faceted and complex Kai Tak Development (KTD) recently showcased its vibrancy again. The Chief Executive, Mrs Carrier Lam, officiated at the opening of Kai San Road cum Community Planting event on 16 August. Other officiating guests included the Secretary for Development, Mr Michael Wong; the Permanent Secretary for Development (Works), Mr Hon Chi-keung, the Director of Civil Engineering and Development, Mr Lam Sai-hung, etc.

On the event day, Mrs Lam and other guests travelled on the sightseeing double decker buses commuting between Kai Tak and San Po Kong along the Kai San Road to kick off the opening of the new carriageway. Kai San Road connects the existing Concord Road in Kai Tak and Tsat Po Street in San Po Kong, enhancing the close connection between Kai Tak and its surrounding districts.

In her speech at the opening ceremony, Mrs Lam expressed gratitude to the engineering teams, local representatives and colleagues for their participation and hard work over the years. She also praised the excellence of on-site safety performance achieved by the workers. Then Mrs Lam and officiating guests joined hands with a group of kids for the tree planting. The sapling rooted in Kai Tak refers to the Public Creatives concept that represents the unique branding of Kai Tak which is developed from a tree concept. The vision of KTD is to grow together with Hong Kong’s new generations to realize a distinctive, vibrant, attractive and people-oriented community.