Enhanced Use of Underground Space in Hong Kong

In the 2009-10 Policy Agenda, Development Bureau put forward a new initiative to launch strategic planning and technical studies to facilitate planned development of underground space aiming at promoting the enhanced use of rock caverns as part of Hong Kong's pursuit of sustainable development. The Civil Engineering and Development Department, with the support of the Planning Department, commissioned the above Study in March 2010.  The Study explored the opportunities to enhance the effective use of land resources in Hong Kong from a new perspective through the planned development of underground space.  The Study was completed in March 2011.

Key findings of the Study are available for download at the following link.

Executive Summary
Executive Summary

The Study has selected many different government facilities to demonstrate the broad viability of cavern development for a range of facility types and in different geographical areas.  These were intended as examples to illustrate the feasibility of cavern development, identify key issues, and promote the merits of systematic consideration of cavern development in a planned manner in pursuit of Hong Kong's sustainable development.  To maintain the impetus of the cavern development initiative, we commenced a study on the 'Long-term Strategy for Cavern Development' in September 2012 to formulate a long-term strategy for cavern development. Please see the website of "Long-term Strategy for Cavern Development" for more information.

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