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Marine Works Advisory

The Port Works Division provides advisory service on marine works to the private sector, other government departments, bureaux and their agents. The advisory service provided includes:

  • Examining submissions on private developments involving marine works on behalf of the Building Authority;
  • Commenting on land use proposals involving marine works;
  • Commenting on the structural and maintenance aspects of landing points for ferry services;
  • Commenting on gazetting proposals under the Foreshore and Seabed (Reclamations) Ordinance, town plans and developments layouts;
  • Commenting on studies of government projects at feasibility and planning stages as an advisory party;
  • Examining submissions on marine works of government projects at design, construction and completion stages as a maintenance authority;
  • Providing as-constructed drawings for existing marine works as requested by other parties;
  • Carrying out design of minor works; and
  • Providing technical assessments of contractors in relation to the Port Works Category of the Approved List.

For more information about our Marine Works Advisory Service, please contact Senior Engineer/District (chiyungwong@cedd.gov.hk or 2762 5568) of our Port Works Division.