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Schedule of Fees (with effect from March 15, 2018)
Series Nature of Test Fee (HK$)
A Tests for Concrete/Stoneware Pipes (per specimen)  
A.1 Water absorption 1,200
A.2 Crushing strength (dia. <=450mm) 2,690
B Tests for Soil and Rock (per specimen) :  
B.1 Direct shear test using 300 mm shear box 11,000
B.2 Preparation of lower half of 300 mm box with strips for testing reinforced fill 1,810

Miscellaneous Tests on Time Charge (per man-hour or part thereof) :

Tests for which there are no fees in the schedule but for which facilities are available in the laboratory

370 *
D Xerox copy of test certificate (per copy) 125

Remarks :
* Excluding transport, hire of equipment and cost of consumables

Laboratory Testing Services