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Slope Information

To provide comprehensive information on sizable man-made slopes in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) has prepared a "Catalogue of Slopes" for some 60,000 features in the territory. All the information in the Catalogue of Slopes has been computerized and stored in the "Slope Information System" (SIS). This computer system provides fast retrieval of slope information and is of great assistance to owners, property managers and engineers in their slope management, maintenance and upgrading works. Members of the public wishing to obtain slope information can use the following methods:-

  1. The Hong Kong Slope Safety Website

    Internet version of the SIS is now available in the Hong Kong Slope Safety (HKSS) Website (http://hkss.cedd.gov.hk), for free public access 24-hours a day. Latest Internet technologies are employed for searching and display functions of slopes and retaining walls records.

  2. Application Form for Information from the Catalogue of Slopes

    Application for information from the Catalogue of Slopes can also be made by submitting in an Application Form. This Application Form is available from District Offices, or by downloading the Application Form from the Public Forms of this Website.