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Sediment Disposal

Although non-dredge methods are encouraged for Hong Kong reclamation projects, dredging is necessary for certain works related to the maintenance of harbours, fairways, anchorage or drainage channels. The Environment, Transport and Works Bureau (ETWB) has promulgated a framework for the management of dredged/excavated sediment through the ETWB Technical Circular (Works) No. 34/2002 Download PDF (68KB) . As stipulated in the circular, the method of disposing of dredged sediment depends on the level of contamination of the sediment. Sediment disposal methods currently used in Hong Kong are:

  • (a) Open Sea Disposal of Dredged Sediment

    Two open sea floor disposal areas at South Cheung Chau and East Ninepin and various empty marine borrow pits, shown in MFC-001 Download PDF (1.57MB) , have been used for disposal of uncontaminated mud. A centralised management and monitoring scheme has been set up to provide overall control of the operations and environmental monitoring at all the uncontaminated mud disposal areas. This centralised scheme meets the new international standards for managing mud disposal facilities adopted by the London Convention, to which China is a signatory.

  • (b) Confined Disposal of Dredged Sediment at East Sha Chau

    Contaminated mud is being disposed of at East Sha Chau in an environmentally acceptable manner. Compliance environmental monitoring has been conducted since operation of the mud pits and will continue until 2 years after closure of all the pits to ensure that there is no adverse impact on the environment.

    Guide Boat Leading the Barge to the Target Area for Contaminated Mud Disposal at Pit IVb

    Guide Boat Leading the Barge to the Target Area
    for Contaminated Mud Disposal

A charging system has been implemented for private project proponents to dispose of sediment. Private project proponents are charged pro-rata for the cost of dredging, managing, capping of mud pits, and environmental monitoring. The cost will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Sediment Charge rate per cubic metre (as measured in situ at the dredging/excavation site)
Type 1 – Open Sea Disposal of Category L Sediment HK$1.67 (since 28 March 2018)
Others HK$87.00 (since 28 March 2018)

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