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Engineering Geology Graduate (EGG) Training Scheme

Since 1985, the GEO has been operating the EGG training scheme to train suitable Earth Sciences graduates to serve the need of the industry in engineering geological skill and knowledge.  The training scheme has been established based on the current practices recommended by three professional institutions, namely, the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, UK and the Geological Society, UK. It allows the trainees to acquire practical experience and attain competence to be qualified as geotechnical professionals.  There are more than 200 qualified geotechnical professionals in GEO, about 10% of whom were previously trained under this scheme.

The EGG training is well-structured and objective-based, which comprises the following key stages:

  • 13 months of geological survey, engineering geology and terrain study;

  • 4 months of ground investigation and laboratory testing;

  • 9 months of geotechnical design; and

  • 10 months of construction site.

The implementation of the training scheme is managed by the Head of GEO.  An Engineering Supervisor (a Senior Geotechnical Engineer in the GEO) is responsible for the overall supervision and coordination of the training.  The Engineering Supervisor delegates the authority for the day-to-day supervision and control of the EGGs to the Training Tutors.  In order to supplement the tutoring system, Training Coaches are appointed to monitor the professional development of the EGGs and give advice to them on their personal development. Download PDF (185KB)

For details on the EGG training scheme, please refer to the EGG Training Scheme Manual (AR1/2012) Download PDF (150KB)

The details of application for EGG-intakes will be announced in the Government Vacancies Enquiry System in the early October of the year.