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CEDD Technical Circulars
Circular No. Title Further Information
04/2018 Entrustment of Works Download PDF (148KB)
02/2018 Tree Works Vetting Committee Download PDF (160KB)
07/2017 Diving Inspection Services of Port Works Division Download PDF (100KB)
06/2017 Procedures for Acquisition of Digital Map from Land Information Centre, Survey and Mapping Office, Lands Department Download PDF (97KB)
05/2017 Simplified Tendering Arrangement for Works Contract Not Exceeding $55 Million Download PDF (180KB)
04/2017 Civil Engineering Library (General Library) Download PDF (113KB)
03/2017 Departmental Consultants Selection Committee Download PDF (98KB)
01/2017 Review of Technical Circulars Download PDF (108KB)
04/2016 Presentation of Progress Reports on Development Projects to District Councils Download PDF (341KB)
03/2016 Reporting of Incidents on CEDD Works Sites Download PDF (242KB)
02/2016 Approval to Employ Engineering and Associated Consultants Download PDF (181KB)
05/2015 Provision of Survey Services and Request Procedure Download PDF (141KB)
04/2015 Review of Preliminary Design prior to Proceeding with Detailed Design Download PDF (109KB)
03/2015 Management of Construction and Demolition Materials Download PDF (127KB)
02/2015 Procurement and Administration of Environmental Consultants for Works Contracts Download PDF (152KB)
07/2014 Guidelines for Making Submissions to the Advisory Committee on the Appearance of Bridges and Associated Structures Download PDF (100KB)
06/2014 Vetting Committee on Slope Appearance Download PDF (246KB)
04/2014 Crisis Management and Upward Reporting of Major Emergency Incidents from CEDD to DEVB Download PDF (230KB)
02/2014 Departmental Committee on Project Estimates (DCOPE) Download PDF (97KB)
07/2013 Consultants Review Committee Download PDF (77KB)
05/2013 Approval of Expenditure Under Block Allocations Download PDF (113KB)
03/2013 Project Initiation and Technical Feasibility Statement (TFS) Download PDF (105KB)
02/2013 Minor Works and Landscape Works Term Contracts Download PDF (111KB)
05/2011 Submission to Public Works Subcommittee and Preparation of Policy Committee/Executive Council Papers and Legislative Council Briefs Download PDF (1.13MB)
04/2011 Audit Inspections by the Audit Commission and Audit Queries Download PDF (53KB)
03/2011 Committee on Green Government Procurement Download PDF (35KB)
08/2010 Ordering of Variations, Increase in Contract Sum and Related Authorities in Works Contracts Download PDF (68 KB)
06/2010 Technical Audits on Works Contracts Download PDF (55 KB)
03/2010 Standard Clauses in Consultancy Briefs for Provision of Deliverables in Digital Format Download PDF (58KB)
02/2010 Publishing and/or Presenting Technical Papers Download PDF (39KB)
10/2009 Computer Facilities for Works Contracts Download PDF (183KB)
07/2009 Response to Contractor's Request for Mediation Download PDF (59KB)
06/2009 Monitoring of Public Works Programme (PWP) Download PDF (40KB)
03/2009 CEDD Standard Drawings Download PDF (40KB)
09/2007 Funding for Studies on Private Housing Development Projects Download PDF (114KB)
07/2007 Administrative Measures to Expedite Resolution of Objections under Statutory Gazettal Download PDF (57KB)
45/2004 Submission of Major Feasibility Study Findings and Recommendations to Committee on Planning and Land Development Download PDF (148KB)
35/2004 Restrictions on the Use of Hand-dug Caissons in Public Works Download PDF (270KB)
26/2004 Contingency Plan and Risk Assessment Download PDF (162KB)
17/2004 Acquisition of Computer Facilities and Services Download PDF (278KB)
10/2004 Civil Engineering and Development Department Library of Standard Special Conditions of Contract for Use with GCC for Term Contracts for Civil Engineering Works 2002 Edition Download PDF (1,583KB)
09/2004 Checking and Monitoring of Interim Payment Certification Download PDF (337KB)
08/2004 Design, Construction and Handing Over of Drainage and Sewerage Works Download PDF (444KB)

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