1. The Copyright Notices, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy Statement notified in the "Important Notices" and "Privacy Policy" sections of CEDD Internet apply.
  2. CEWTPI is compiled in good faith to provide (i) an indication of the level of tender prices for civil engineering works (excluding architectural, E&M installations, ground investigation, soft landscaping, other ancillary type of works and term contract works) undertaken by the Civil Engineering and Development Department, Highways Department, Water Supplies Department and Drainage Services Department and (ii) an aid to adjust civil engineering works cost data for estimating purposes. Separate tender price indices, known as Building Works Tender Price Index (BWTPI) and Building Services Tender Price Index (BSTPI), are compiled by the Architectural Services Department for building works and building services works respectively.
  3. Users of CEWTPI should apply the index with prudence and should verify its accuracy or appropriateness for use in any specific circumstances.
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