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Category 1 Dangerous Goods (Explosives) For Blasting Purposes

The following Mines Division Practice Notes and Guidance Notes relate to applications for the use, storage, manufacture, approval and transport of blasting explosives:

Title Furter Information
Licences to possess explosives, and Permits to use explosives for blasting operations
(How to Apply for a Blasting Permit )
Download PDF (159.61KB)
Licences to store blasting explosives
(How to Apply for a Mode A Store Licence for Storage of Blasting Explosives )
Download PDF (459.33KB)
Licences to manufacture explosives on site for immediate use in blasting
(Licensing of a Manufacturing Unit for Explosives at a Blast Site )
Download PDF (121.47KB)
Approval of blasting explosives for use
(Approval of Blasting Explosives for Use in Hong Kong )
Download PDF (207.89KB)
Approval of a vehicle to carry blasting explosives
(Requirements for Approval of an Explosives Delivery Vehicle )
Download PDF (850.93KB)
Permits to move explosives from place to place on land
(Delivery of Blasting Explosives and Related Safety and Security Procedures )
Download PDF (45.96KB)
Mine Blasting Certificates or authorization to prepare and fire charges for blasting operations
(Mine Blasting Certificate and Authorization to Use Explosives )
Download PDF (198KB)

For additional information on:

Applications should be made to the Commissioner of Mines, Civil Engineering and Development Department, 25/F, 410 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon.

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