GEO Information Notes
No Title Date Further Information
01/2018 Seismicity of Hong Kong August 2018 Download PDF (40KB)
Slope Safety Technical Review Board November 2016 Download PDF (123KB)
11/2016 Quarries in Hong Kong November 2016 Download PDF (100KB)
10/2016 The Landslip Prevention and Mitigation Programme (LPMitP) August 2016 Download PDF (113KB)
09/2016 Landslides Studies by the Geotechnical Engineering Office August 2016 Download PDF (123KB)
08/2016 Surface Protection and Appearance of Slopes June 2016 Download PDF (103KB)
07/2016 Reducing Landslide Risks to Squatters June 2016 Download PDF (64KB)
06/2016 Management of Natural Terrain Landslide Risk June 2016 Download PDF (142KB)
05/2016 Soil Bioengineering Measures for Natural Terrain Landslide Scars June 2016 Download PDF (327KB)
04/2016 Complex Geological Conditions in Northshore Lantau June 2016 Download PDF (216KB)
03/2016 Civil Engineering Library - Public Services June 2016 Download PDF (57KB)
02/2016 Geophysical Techniques for Investigation of Slopes and Retaining Walls June 2016 Download PDF (118KB)
01/2016 Understanding Natural Terrain Landslide Risk June 2016 Download PDF (58KB)
07/2015 Consequence Classifications Used by the Geotechnical Engineering Office June 2015 Download PDF (143KB)
05/2015 Disused Tunnels May 2015 Download PDF (59KB)
04/2015 Landslip Prevention and Mitigation Works at Po Shan, Mid-levels April 2015 Download PDF (60KB)
03/2015 Landslip Warning System March 2015 Download PDF (64KB)
02/2015 Dangerous Hillside Order February 2015 Download PDF (98KB)
01/2015 GEO Emergency Service February 2015 Download PDF (14KB)
11/2014 Public Education and Advisory Services on Slope Safety December 2014 Download PDF (102KB)
Catalogue of Slopes October 2014 Download PDF (44KB)
Landslide Potential Index June 2014 Download PDF (205KB)
Sustainable Construction Practices in Landslip Prevention and Mitigation Works June 2014 Download PDF (143KB)
Use of Explosives in Hong Kong May 2014 Download PDF (158KB)
05/2014 Extreme Weather and Severe Landslide Events April 2014 Download PDF (249KB)
04/2014 Landslide Risk Management and the Role of Quantitative Risk Assessment Techniques March 2014 Download PDF (154KB)
03/2014 Instrumental Monitoring of Slopes February 2014 Download PDF (29KB)
Maintenance Audit of Government Slopes January 2014 Download PDF (58KB)
05/2013 Construction Site Safety for Landslip Prevention and Mitigation Programme (LPMitP) July 2013 Download PDF (438KB)
04/2012 Ecological Enhancement in Slope Works May 2012 Download PDF (38KB)
09/2011 Community Advisory Services for Slope Safety December 2011 Download PDF (22KB)
08/2011 Unauthorized Cultivation December 2011 Download PDF (19KB)
04/2011 Enhanced Use of Underground Space in Hong Kong October 2011 Download PDF (26KB)
07/2010 Reduction of Landslide Risk in Man-Made Slopes upto 2010 June 2010 Download PDF (934KB)