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GEO Technical Guidance Notes
No. Title Further Information Date
- Master List of Current GEO Technical Guidance Notes Download PDF (37KB) 5/2018
1 Technical Guidance Documents Download PDF (33KB) 8/2012
2 Technical Recommendations Arising from Lessons Learnt from Landslides in 1997 and 1998 Download PDF (11KB) 5/2010
3 Use of Downhole Geophysical Investigation Methods in Identification of Weak Layers in the Ground Download PDF (998KB) 7/2004
4 Guidelines on Recognition of Geological Features Hosting, and Associated with, Silt- and Clay-rich Layers Affecting the Stability of Cut Slopes in Volcanic and Granitic Rocks Download PDF (60KB) 7/2004
5 Geoguide 2-Guide to Site Investigation
Updated Appendix B: Sources of Information
Download PDF (330KB) 9/2009
6 Application of Back Analysis Approach to the Design of Slope Preventive or Remedial Works Download PDF (88KB) 7/2004
7 Fill Slope Recompaction - Investigation, Design and Construction Considerations Download PDF (152KB) 7/2004
8 Maintenance Requirements for Natural Terrain Hazard Mitigation Measures (Subsumed in Geoguide 5 and hereby cancelled)  -   - 
9 Updating of GEO Report No. 56: Application of Prescriptive Measures to Slopes and Retaining Walls (Second Edition) Download PDF (139KB) 11/2009
10 Enhancement of Rock Slope Engineering Practice Based on Findings of Landslide Studies Download PDF (45KB) 5/2014
11 Enhancing the Reliability and Robustness of Engineered Soil Cut Slopes Download PDF (225KB) 4/2018
12 The Designated Area of Northshore Lantau Download PDF (434KB) 7/2004
13 Guidelines on the Use of Prescriptive Measures for Rock Cut Slopes Download PDF (4KB) 11/2009
14 Technical Recommendations for Enhancing the Independent Check of Design and Construction Review of Rock Slope Excavation Download PDF (116KB) 7/2004
15 Guidelines for Classification of Consequence-to-Life Category for Slope Features Download PDF (536KB) 3/2007
16 Recommendations Arising from Review of Notable Landslide Incidents During Slope Works (1981 - 2002) Download PDF (103KB) 7/2004
17 Prescriptive Soil Nail Design for Concrete and Masonry Retaining Walls Download PDF (4KB) 11/2009
18 Acceptance of Methods for Quality Control Download PDF (86KB) 7/2004
19 Installation of Soil Nails and Control of Grouting (Subsumed in Geoguide 7 and General Specification for Civil Engineering Works (2006 Edition), and hereby cancelled)  -   - 
20 Updating of GEO Publication No. 1/2000 - Technical Guidelines on Landscape Treatment and Bio-engineering for Man-made Slopes and Retaining Walls Download PDF (5.9KB) 2/2012
21 Design of Soil Nail Heads (Subsumed in Geoguide 7 and hereby cancelled)  -   - 
22 Guidelines on Geomorphological Mapping for Natural Terrain Hazard Studies Download PDF (2,788KB) 12/2004
23 Good Practice in Design of Steel Soil Nails for Soil Cut Slopes (Subsumed in Geoguide 7 and hereby cancelled)  -   - 
24 Site Investigation for Tunnel Works Download PDF (62KB)   10/2009
25 Geotechnical Risk Management for Tunnel Works Download PDF (130KB) 8/2009
26 Supplementary Guidelines for Foundation Design in Areas Underlain by Marble and Marble-bearing Rocks Download PDF (24KB) 9/2005
27 Hydraulic Design of Stepped Channels on Slopes Download PDF (475KB) 8/2006
28 New Control Framework for Soil Slopes Subjected to Blasting Vibrations Download PDF (58KB) 5/2010
29 Guidelines on the Assessment of Debris Mobility for Channelised Debris Flows Download PDF (139KB) 1/2011
30 New Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves for Slope Drainage Design Download PDF (526KB) 3/2011
31 Design of Soil Nails for Upgrading Loose Fill Slopes Download PDF (998KB) 10/2011
32 Updating of Geoguide 4 – Guide to Cavern Engineering (Subsumed in Geoguide 4 and hereby cancelled)  -   - 
33 Supplementary Technical Guidance on Design of Rigid Debris-resisting Barriers Download PDF (13KB) 8/2012
34 Guidelines on Assessment of Debris Mobility for Open Hillslope Failures Download PDF (196KB) 10/2012
35 Detailing of Rigid Debris-resisting Barriers Download PDF (336KB) 11/2012
36 Guidelines on Enhanced Approach for Natural Terrain Hazard Studies (Subsumed in GEO Report No. 138 and hereby cancelled)  -  -
37 Guidelines on Empirical Design of Flexible Barriers for Mitigating Natural Terrain Open Hillslope Landslide Hazards Download PDF (143KB) 6/2014
38 Guidelines on the Assessment of Debris Mobility for Failures within Topographic Depression Catchments Download PDF (201KB) 7/2013
39 Guidelines for Estimation of Surface Runoff from Natural Terrain Catchments for Drainage Design Purposes Download PDF (28MB) 12/2013
40 Guidelines on Temporary Drainage Provisions and Precautionary Measures against Severe Rainfall during Site Formation Works and
Construction of Reinforced Fill Structures
Download PDF (32KB) 1/2014
41 Amendments to British Standards References in Technical Guidance Documents for Migration to Eurocodes Download PDF (272KB) 2/2014
42 Supplementary Guidelines on the Use of Eurocodes and UK National Annexes for Structural Design of Slope Works under the Landslip Prevention and Mitigation Programme Download PDF (81KB) 2/2014
43 Guidelines on Hydraulic Design of U-shaped and Half-round Channels on Slopes Download PDF (504KB) 6/2014
44 Assessment of Landslide Debris Impact Velocity for Design of Debris-resisting Barriers Download PDF (77KB) 3/2015
45 Assessment of Design Debris Retention Volume of Debris-resisting Barriers Download PDF (21KB) 6/2015
46 Supplementary Guidelines on Natural Terrain Hazard Studies for Hillside Pockets Download PDF (42KB) 3/2016
47 Updates of Design Guidance of Rigid Debris-resisting Barriers Download PDF (27KB) 4/2016