1. Under the Mining Ordinance Chapter 285, power to grant mining and prospecting licences is vested in the Commissioner of Mines who is concurrently the Director of Civil Engineering and Development. Mining licences and prospecting licenses may be granted for periods of six months, renewable up to a maximum of five years. Mining leases may be granted by the Director of Lands for a maximum period of twenty-one years. A royalty of five per cent of the value of all minerals won by a licensee or leasee is payable to the Government.
  2. Before making a formal application, you may enquire at the Mines Division, Geotechnical Engineering Office, Civil Engineering and Development Department, 6/F, South Tower, West Kowloon Government Offices, 11 Hoi Ting Road, Kowloon to find out if other people have already applied for a licence for the same area.
  3. Please complete an application form and supply 2 copies of a plan showing the area of interest. On these plans you must show CORRECTLY the boundaries of the area you wish to apply for.
  4. Copies of your plans with other details will normally be sent to the Heads of other government departments for comments, including :

    • Director of Home Affairs
    • Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation
    • Director of Water Supplies
    • Director of Buildings
    • Director of Lands
    • Director of Highways
    • Director of Environmental Protection
  5. If your application is approved, a Demand Note for the rents, fees and premium will be sent to you.
  6. Provided there are no objections by all the concerned parties, the whole procedure should be finished within 6 months from the date of your application.

Mines Division
Civil Engineering and Development Department