Report No. : Geoguide 2

Report Title : Guide to Site Investigation

Author : Geotechnical Engineering Office


This Geoguide presents a recommended standard of good practice for site investigation in Hong Kong. It should be used in conjunction with the companion document, Guide to Rock and Soil Descriptions (Geoguide 3). These Geoguides expand upon, and largely replace, Chapter 2 of the Geotechnical Manual for Slopes.

This Geoguide covers Sections 1 to 7 of BS 5930, while Section 8 is dealt with in Geoguide 3. It has been prepared in such a way that the organization and format of the British Standard have generally been preserved. Where portions of BS 5930 have been adopted in the text without significant amendment, this is clearly denoted by the use of an italic typeface.

Continuously Updated Version incorporating Amendments:

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1 Guide to Site Investigation (2017 Version) (16.4MB) 18 December 2017

Original Version and Amendments:

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