Report No. : GEO Report No. 343

Report Title : Study Report on the Earthquake-induced Natural Terrain Landslide Hazard Assessment (2018), 207 p.

Author : Arup


This GEO Report presents a study of the earthquake-induced natural terrain landslide hazard of a Study Area in the North-west New Territories of Hong Kong. The study was conducted by Arup, in collaboration with the GEO and the Guangdong Engineering Earthquake Resistance Research Institute (GEERRI) of the Earthquake Administration of Guangdong Province (EAGP). It serves as a regional assessment to estimate the order of magnitude of the likelihood of earthquake-induced natural terrain landslides.

The study approach has been derived based on consolidating the findings of a comprehensive literature review on local and overseas state-of-the-art papers. The work involves an assessment of the earthquake-induced slope displacements using both numerical analyses and empirical correlations and a detailed landslide susceptibility assessment. The effects of topographic amplification on the seismic ground motions as well as the effects of rainfall on slopes have been duly considered. This study also covers the seismic stability of boulder fall. Microzonation maps for the Study Area have been produced.

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