Report No. : GEO Report No. 339

Report Title : Review on the Design of Rigid Debris-resisting Barriers (2018), 33 p.

Author : J.S.H. Kwan, R.C.H. Koo & C. Lam


This report presents a review on the prevailing design guidance of rigid debris-resisting barriers in accordance with Professor Hungr's comments and suggests updates to GEO Report No. 270. The suggested updates pertain to the beneficial effects of self weight of impact debris in stability assessment (para. 5.1(b) of GEO Report No. 270), superposition of the debris flow impact load and boulder impact load (para. 4.2 of GEO Report No. 270), the assumption of simultaneous impacts by several boulders on barriers (para. 2.1(b) of GEO Report No. 270) and debris mobility assessment (para. 4.4(a) of GEO Report No. 270). Suggestions pertaining to assessment of design groundwater conditions and consideration of three-dimensional effects in stability assessment are also made. The suggestions aim to produce more rational and cost-effective design solutions.

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