Report No. : GEO Report No. 332

Report Title : Validation of Geotechnical Computer Program "2d-DMM (Version 2.0)" (2018), 98 p.

Author : R.P.H. Law & F.W.Y. Ko


Geotechnical computer program, 2d-DMM (Version 1.2), is currently used to simulate and analyse debris mobility. The computer program was developed on Microsoft Excel with Visual Basic Applications. It contains a number of limitations in both pre- and post-processing of data pertaining to its development platform. In order to overcome the limitations, 2d-DMM (Version 1.2) was revamped using the computer language C#, which is an improved version of C++, to 2d-DMM (Version 2.0).

The validation exercise of 2d-DMM (Version 2.0) includes a comparison of results of back-analyses of some historical and hypothetical landslides with those obtained from the existing pre-accepted programs, 2d-DMM (Version 1.2) and DAN-W (Release 10). It is demonstrated that 2d-DMM (Version 2.0) produces results consistent with both the pre-accepted programs.

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