Report No. : GEO Report No. 325

Report Title : 3D Debris Mobility Assessment Using LS-DYNA (2017), 90 p.

Author : R.C.H. Koo


Debris mobility model has been developed using an advanced finite element package LS-DYNA with a view to facilitating coupled analysis of debris mobility and structural response of debris-resisting barriers subject to debris impact. The coupled analysis may assist in establishing optimised design of debris-resisting structures. The debris mobility model is equipped with a new user-specified module to calculate the resistance to debris motions following Voellmy rheology. A series of back analyses of notable landslide case histories of Hong Kong and several laboratory flume tests using the model of LS-DYNA has been carried out to identify the suitable constitutive model of debris flows and the ranges of key parameters for analysing the landslide mobility. The performance of the LS-DYNA debris mobility model has also benchmarked against other advanced programs including 3d-DMM, TOCHNOG and MADflow.

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