Report No. : GEO Report No. 316

Report Title : A Review of Slope-specific Early Warning Systems for Rain-induced Landslides, (2015), 48p.

Author : J.S.H. Kwan, M.H.C. Chan & W.W.L. Shum


This report reviews overseas slope-specific landslide warning systems which are implemented to give early warning of rain-induced slope instability. Geological settings, hazard types, parameters monitored, instrumentation used, landslide forecasting methods, triggering thresholds, means of warning dissemination and emergency preparedness plan of the systems are examined. A general overview of the current practice on the establishment and application of the early warning systems is also provided.

Overseas experience shows that slope-specific landslide early warning systems are carried out for large-scale slopes that show signs of distress or have a history of slow-moving failures. Nevertheless, forecasting when a part or the whole of a slow-moving landslide mass would turn into an uncontrolled, mobile failure remains a technical challenge.

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