Report No. : GEO Report No. 315

Report Title : Review of Corrugated Sheathing for Corrosion Protection of Steel Soil Nails, (2015), 105p.

Author : Halcrow China Limited


Long-term performance of soil nails depend on their ability to withstand corrosive attack from the environment. Due to its durability and water tightness, corrugated sheathing is one of the measures commonly used in an aggressive soil condition to protect the steel bars in a soil-nail system from corrosion during the design life.

This report documents the findings of a review of both international and local standards related to material requirements when corrugated sheathing is used for corrosion protection. The working mechanism of corrugated sheathing in soil nails, together with the related material properties, is discussed. Key material properties and properties of corrugated pipes are reviewed and their corresponding testing criteria recommended for material selection.

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