Report No. : GEO Report No. 314

Report Title : 24-hour Probable Maximum Precipitation Updating Study, (2015), 298p.

Author : AECOM Asia Company Limited & B. Lin


In this updating study, the international best practice for the estimation of 24-hour Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) in Hong Kong was adopted by using an improved PMP estimation technique. Storm separation technique based on the Step Duration Orographic Intensification Factor Method was applied to separate the orographic effect from rainfall data for non-local storms. The convergence component was combined with local orographic factors, together with moisture maximization and storm transposition methods, to estimate a new 24-hour PMP. Moreover, verification of the new 24-hour PMP was conducted based on a comprehensive comparison of findings from Depth-Area-Duration analysis and Statistical approach as well as worldwide rainfall records and PMP estimates in China.

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