Report No. : GEO Report No. 311

Report Title : Seismic Hazard Analysis of the Hong Kong Region, (2015), 325p.

Author : ARUP


This GEO Report presents an updated seismic hazard assessment of Hong Kong by Arup, in collaboration with the GEO and the Guangdong Engineering Earthquake Resistance Research Institute (GEERRI) of the Earthquake Administration of Guangdong Province (EAGP). The assessment considered the extended latest records of earthquakes that occurred within a distance of about 500 km from Hong Kong, together with the regional seismo-tectonic setting and geological setting.

The GEO Report No. 65 on "Seismic Hazard Analysis of the Hong Kong Region" was published in 1998. It covered a region bounded by latitude 22°00' - 23°00' and longitudes 113°45' - 114°45', for seismic events up to 1995 with ML ≥ 1.8. Since then, more earthquake data within the region have been obtained by various earthquake monitoring agencies. These data are generally more accurate, as they have been recorded by advanced monitoring instruments. It is timely to update the seismic hazard assessment of Hong Kong with the available earthquake data and information.

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