Report No. : GEO Report No. 297

Report Title : Assessment of Landslide Risk Posed by Man-made Slopes as of 2010 (2014), 14 p.

Author : P.F.K. Cheng


The objective of this Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) is to evaluate the risk-to-life of man-made slopes registered in the New Catalogue of Slopes as of 2010. The risks posed by natural hillsides and Disturbed Terrain are excluded from this study.

This study follows the same QRA framework and failure frequency and consequence models used in the previous study as detailed in GEO Report No. 252 (Cheng & Ko, 2010). Some refinements of the assumptions made in the present assessment are highlighted in this report.

The QRA results indicate that by 2010, the landslide risk posed by old man-made slopes has been reduced to below 25% of that which existed in 1977.

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