Report No. : GEO Report No. 274

Report Title : Review of Landslides in 2008 (2012), 60 p.

Author : A.C.O. Li, J.W.C. Lau, L.L.K. Cheung & C.L.H. Lam


This report presents the findings of a diagnostic review of the landslides in 2008 that were reported to the Government. The review forms part of the GEO's systematic landslide investigation programme, which is an integral component of the Government's slope safety system. The aims of this report are to review the performance of the Government's slope safety system and identify areas for improvement, as well as to further enhance the slope engineering practice in Hong Kong.

Altogether 863 genuine landslides were reported to the Government in 2008. All the available landslide data were examined and 16 follow-up studies on selected landslide incidents were being carried out under the systematic landslide investigation programme. These studies provided information and insights into the types, causes and mechanisms of landslides, and facilitated the identification of areas deserving attention and improvement.

Based on the landslide data in 2008, two major landslides (viz. failure volume of 50 m³ or more) occurred on engineered man-made slopes that have been accepted under the slope safety system. The corresponding annual failure rate is about 0.009% on a slope number basis (i.e. number of landslides relative to the total number of engineered slopes). In terms of minor landslides (viz. failure volume of less than 50 m³) on engineered man-made slopes, the annual failure rate is about 0.112% on a slope number basis.

Overall, 99.88% of the engineered man-made slopes performed satisfactorily without occurrence of landslides in 2008.

Recommendations for further improvement of the slope safety system and slope engineering practice in Hong Kong are given in this report.

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