Report No. : GEO Report No. 270

Report Title : Supplementary Technical Guidance on Design of Rigid Debris-resisting Barriers (2012), 88 p.

Author : J.S.H. Kwan


This report presents supplementary guidelines on the design of rigid debris-resisting barriers with reference to a review of the state-of-the-art literature and international technical guidance documents. This report supplements and updates the guidance given in GEO Report No. 104.

The work was carried out by Dr J.S.H. Kwan initially under the supervision of Mr K.K.S. Ho and later under my supervision. Mr L.K.W. Shum took part in the project at the early stage. Dr M.H.C. Chan carried out dimensional analysis of the Hertz Equation. The worked example for the design of a rigid barrier following the supplementary guidelines was prepared and checked by Mr K.W.Y. Shum and Mr R.P.H. Law respectively. Ms C.S.K. Yau and Mr R.C.H. Koo assisted in preparing the report.

Draft versions of the report were reviewed by Professor O. Hungr of the University of British Columbia, Canada, who was engaged as an independent expert reviewer of the study. Many other colleagues in the GEO and practitioners in the geotechnical industry provided constructive comments on the formulation of the supplementary guidelines. All contributions are gratefully acknowledged.

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